Season 2023.

Almost a perfect season for the LSM-Breeding.
“Good things come in threes” For Mark Skovbo the season 2023 was another good one, and for the third year in a row he won the middle-distance championship section, and yearling championship section.
It wasn’t in the cards, before the season, the only goal was to get the new hen system to work (jealousy race two hens to a stay-at-home cock) but a few weeks in the season, the hens showed amazing form.
And at the end of the season. Everything fell into place. The season began with 26 hens, and a few cocks raced to a perched, but it was the hens there did the job, and from the 26 starting hens, 8 became top 10 ace pigeons Ddb.

In another loft, at Lasse Rasmussen, good friend of Folmer, Mark & Michael, fairytales happened, Lasse have race birds from the breeding loft for three years, and he also tried the system with two hens to one cock. He only raced 14 hens. But results were out of this world.
The 1 National ace 2023 013-22-4039 g-daughter Bulck 1 was raced from this loft.
And also the Queen of Darkness winning 6×1, and 1 ace sprint 2023. And contender for 1 Olympic bird Denmark 2023, also raced from this loft. All in all 15×1 no doubles was raced to this small loft in 2023.

Lasse became 7 National champion MD 2023, with a team of 14 hens and 6 cocks, Mark became 9 Nat. champion with his team of 26 hens and 9 cocks. Last three years 1,6,9 Nat champion MD.

For 2024 season, the team will have more birds on the wings, as the third part Michael Th. Larsen has a super yearling team ready, this year he only raced two birds from the LSM, 013-21-2167 became 1 Prov. Winner and was crowned 1 ace md. Ddb section 2023. The other bird there was raced was 013-22-4094, he won a first section early in the season from 335 birds, he also won 6/191 7/175 2/118 12/935 13/844 but then taken by a bird of prey from home, two weeks before the season ended.

Ace pigeon titles 2023
1 ace Ddb section Allround 013-22-4039 Lasse Rasmussen
(1 Nat ace hen allround)
1 ace section sprint 013-22-4069 Queen of Darkness Lasse Rasmussen
Contender 1 Olympic bird Denmark 2024.
Contender World best pigeon for Denmark 2024.
1 ace MD nom races 013-21-2167 Michael Th. Larsen
1best yearling comp 013-22-4069 Lasse Rasmussen
2 ace Ddb allround 190-22-0557 Mark Skovbo
3 ace Ddb allround 190-22-0574 Mark Skovbo
3 ace best yearling 013-22-4042 Lasse Rasmussen
4 ace sprint section 013-22-4042 Lasse Rasmussen
4 ace Ddb allround 013-21-2138 Mark Skovbo
4 ace best yearling 190-22-0557 Mark Skovbo
4 ace yb section 013-23-0314 Mark Skovbo
5 ace yb section 013-23-0311 Mark Skovbo
6 ace Ddb allround 013-22-4069 Lasse Rasmussen
6 ace best yearling 013-22-4073
7 ace best yearling 013-22-4072
8 ace Ddb allround 013-22-4017 Mark Skovbo
8 ace best yearling 190-22-0541 Mark Skovbo
8 ace sprint section 013-22-4073 Lasse Rasmussen
9 ace sprint section 013-22-4072 Lasse Rasmussen
9 ace Ddb allround 013-22-4017 Mark Skovbo

Ace pigeon titles is all related directly to the LSM breeding loft, and in other lofts there have also been several titles, I the next generation.

Season 2022:

In 2022 Skovbo/Mikkelsen became LSM Breeding.

There is a saying: “it’s hard to get to the top, but even harder to stay there”.
After the national MD championship in 2021, and the first national ace all-round, it would be practically impossible.
But the duo (now is a trio after Michael Th. Larsen joint forces with Skovbo/Mikkelsen) had again an amazing season.

Folmer Mikkelsen didn’t race this year and will probably not race the coming years, due to a busy schedule, but he did breed a round of young birds for a fellow fancier Lasse Rasmussen, there came in fourth place for the national yb championship in 2022.

Mark Skovbo who in 2021, won the MD championship section 61 and yearling championship 61. And with a coeff. There made him National MD champion. And again, this year Mark (who is our in-house photographer) won the same two championships, this year with a coeff. There was good enough for a 6 place for the National MD championship 2022, this with a team of 20 cocks and 20 hens in total widowhood.

The last man of this trio Is Michael Th. Larsen, he is the vice-president of the Danish Association D.d.b and a writer of the magazine “Brevduen” in Denmark.
In 2021 he wrote an article about Mark Skovbo after his MD championship, and he fell in love with the quality of the loft, some month later, Michael got the possibility to buy 1/3 of the breeding loft, and it was a “no brainer” for him.

2022 became a wonder season for Michael, winning the MD championship section and both nominated and unnominated longdistance championship in section 2022.
Along with 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 acepigeon all-round D.d.b section 32 2022, first ace is a descendant of the Base couple Rode Bulck x Bulck 1
And the 8. acepigeon is from Mark Skovbo and Folmer Mikkelsen, a pigeon Michael bought as a bon in 2021.
In the loft of Mark Skovbo, the season was harder then in 2021, it didn’t run as smooth as the year before, but in the end, it was a great season. With several winners, and as mentioned both championships as the year before, but the coeff. a bit higher.

Ace pigeons 2022. (different classes in the section/D.d.b)
2. Acepigeon: 190-20-0024 daughter Rode Bulck(cock in the base couple) won 1 semi.prov 915 in 2021
2. Acepigeon: 190-20-0003 daughter Merlin x Steffi
2. Acepigeon: 013-21-2111 G-daughter base couple and daughter Diamond 006 (lowest coeff by yearling hen Denmark 2022 nom. races 3 prizes)

3. Acepigeon: 013-21-2129 (best yearling D.d.b all-round
4. Acepigeon: 190-20-0003
4. Acepigeon: 190-20-0028 Kanibaal Pogi son base hen Bulck 1 he also won 1 Prov. 1808 birds.
6. Acepigeon: 190-20-0042 Son Merlin x full sister father Rode Kittel 335
7. Acepigeon: 190-20-0028
10. Acepigeon:190-19-0298 Daughter Steffi
10. Acepigeon: 190-20-0042
10. Acepigeon: 190-19-0312 full brother Rode Kittel 335

In other lofts there was also some super pigeons there originates from Mark & Folmer in 2022, like:
1. Ace section 63 All-round cock
1. Ace LD section 41 cock
1. Ace YB Section 32
1. Ace All-round section 32 hen
1. Ace Small MD Section 32 hen

Very good seasons 2020-2022 since the breeding loft was founded in 2019 – and we are sure that they will continue the topresults!

Season 2021:

Two years ago Skovbo and Mikkelsen invested in origins from Dirk Van Den Bulck to strenghen their lofts.
Also last year they purchased more pigeons from these lines to make their breeding loft as good as possible.
And this season showed that they did something correct!

Mark Skovbo and Folmer Mikkelsen are both living in Denmark – but in different areas of the country.
Mark in the center of Jutland and Folmer on the island of Funen – but on both lofts these new pigeons made the difference this year!

Mark Skovbo went all the way to the top and became 1. National Champion on the middledistance – and both got several acepigeons:

Acepigeons in Section, 2021 – for Mark Skovbo:
1. 190-19-0335 – 1. National Acepigeon! – Son of MARBLE (2545) (Grandson from RODE BULCK & BULCK 1)
1. 190-19-0291 – 7. National Acepigeon Hen
4. 190-19-0327
5. 190-20-0028 – 3 National Acepigeon Yearling cock – Son of BULCK 1 (89)
6. 190-20-0010
8. 190-19-0298 – Daughter of STEFFI (1787)
9. 190-19-0306
10. 190-20-0042

Acepigeons in Section, 2021 – for Folmer Mikkelsen:
2. 013-19-1051
2. 013-20-0917 – yearlings – Son of BOMMER BLUE (3347)
5. 013-20-0920 – best yearling – daughter of RODE BULCK II (485)
6. 013-20-0948 – daughter of STEFFI (1787)
7. 190-20-0049 – yearlings – Daughter of BULCK 1 (89)
8. 190-20-0049 – Daughter of BULCK 1 (89)
8. 013-20-0948 – yearlings – Daughter STEFFI (1787)

Acepigeons on other lofts:
220-20-1150 – 3. Acepigeon Yearlings Section 31 – daughter of MARBLE –  Raced by BO ERIKSSON
126-21-495 – 1. Acepigeon Section 53 – from nestsister MARBLE – Raced by FLYVBJERG THOMSEN

Championships 2021 – for Mark Skovbo:
1. National Champion Middledistance
1. Middledistance Champion Unnominated Section
1. Yearling Champion DDB Section
1 x 1 Prov. Winner
3 x 1 Semi. Prov winner

Championships 2021 – for Folmer Mikkelsen:
1. Sprint Section nominated
2. Sprint Unnominated
4. Middledistance Champion Unnominated Section
4. Youngbird Championship section
6. Middledistance Champion Nominated Section
6. Yearling Champion DDB Section
2 x 1 Section