Folmer Mikkelsen

Mark Skovbo

Michael Th. Larsen

Born in 1981. Started racing with pigeons in 1994. But the interest in pigeons have been with me my whole life.
My parents told me, that as soon as I started crawling, I crawled to my fathers’ pigeons. They weren’t racing pigeons, but I spend hours with them. Looking at them and handling them. As a boy I found out, that racing pigeons was “a thing”.
I got in contact with a couple of fanciers living in the nearby cities. They welcomed me and gave me some of their pigeons. From one of them, Jan Pedersen, I still have many pigeons with lines dating back from his pigeons. My pigeonloft was located at my parents’ farm, in the western part of Denmark, and eventually I moved to Copenhagen to get an education as a teacher. My father also had found interest in racing pigeons, and he and my mother kept my pigeons well alive. In the year 2013 I found a colony of pigeonlofts close to my teacher’s job, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the lofts in the colony.
From here on the racing became more intense and the results also improved a lot. After some good years in the colony my family – wife and three children and me – decided we needed more space, both indoor and outdoor. So, we moved to Fuenen (Fyn) and one of the first thing that was built on the ground was a pigeonloft. The racing from this loft started in 2019 and I raced here for 3 seasons. The results were good, but it became more and more difficult to find the necessary time to keep racing. So after some good talks with Mark, we decided that most of our breeders should move to my loft and my primary part of the partnership, should be to breed the youngsters for his and later on also Michaels loft.

Born 1983, and started racing pigeons in the year 2000,
in the garden of his parents, after a few years Mark’s father also got interested in the pigeons and took over the daily caretaking, while Mark went to live in the city and study, the first years there where some good results, and in 2007 Mark and his father ended up becomming 2 MD champion section, at this time around 110 members in the section.

In 2012, Mark and his wife Christina took over Mark’s grand-parents house, and a small loft with 20 widowhood cocks was build, 2014 was first year racing, and in 2015 Mark won the nominated MD championship section
with Boaz and Merlin, Boaz later became the g-father of Rode Kittel.
Since then alot of championships have been won, but the crowning of the cake, came in 2021 where Mark won the National MD championship, and had the 1 national ace pigeon, Rode Kittel.

Last three years Mark have won:

3×1 MD championship section
3×1 Yearling championship section.
And became 1,6,9 Nat MD champion.