Photo: Brian Sangers

Photo: Brian Sangers

Goede Rode Father KITTEL

Olympic Rosita Dam KITTEL, ROSITA was herself Olympic bird Belgium 2012 YB

Photo: Brian Sangers

KITTEL 1 Nat ace KBDB YB 2013

If you read about the base couple(here at LSM), then you will know why Mark began with the Family of Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, Kittel, Goed Rood, Mealy Kittel, Greipel, New Kittel etc.

But how did Folmer become a part of this, and Michael?

Well, It started in 2019, Mark was in the board of his section, and had found some birds at Marko Hoffmann in Germany for a live auction, Folmer contacted Mark, and he wanted to put in a commission, for a g-daughter of KITTEL. The problem was, Mark wanted to buy this hen himself, he made Folmer aware of this, and they decided to make a co-ownership, another cock in the auction was also bought, and in 2021, Folmer also bought in on the birds Mark already owned, Rode Bulck and Bulck 1(the base couple) along with Steffi, a full sister to Mother Venus at Stefaan Lambrechts. Since then, several more birds have been bought together.
And in 2022 Michael Th. Larsen, also became co-owner of the breeding loft.
After he wrote an article about Marks, national championship late 2021.

Mark have visited Flanders collection several times, but we have also “Van Den Bulcks” from other lofts, the simple reason, we dont buy a “Bulck” because its a Bulck, we buy from proven breeders or birds we belive will match our own “family”, and with Mark as a photograper at MC Auctions, he often knows where there are some good ones, it have given us a big advantage when it comes to secure birds, for our own use, there fit into the breeding loft.

Here under a small article about Dirk Van Den Bulck, and some of his most famous birds, up until this day.

Grobbendonk, Belgium – Dirk van den Bulck (born 1954) has been an active participant in pigeon racing for over five decades. His journey in the sport began as an assistant to his father, Fons. Upon getting married, Dirk established his own racing legacy. Although he initially operated in a more discreet manner, he consistently clinched champion titles for 35 years.


Over the years, numerous trophies have either been discarded or left to gather dust in the attic. Dirk, always setting high standards, lived by the motto “rapidly home or rapidly dead.” This philosophy not only prevented overpopulation but also led to success. In 2006, Dirk significantly downsized his colony to just six pairs of breeders and racers. However, fortune smiled upon him, transforming his modest setup into one of the premier speed racing lofts in Province Antwerp.


While Dirk may downplay his achievements, he proudly showcased the track record of the ‘261,’ a pigeon from Günter Prange. This remarkable bird secured ten 1st prizes against an average of 2,124 pigeons over 337 kilometers—an extraordinary feat that impressed even Dirk himself.


Dirk, currently recognized as one of the top speed racers in Province Antwerp, emphasizes the rarity of true champion pigeons. Despite the prevalence of good lofts, he contends that genuine champions are scarce. In his prosperous period, Dirk values individual performance over collective achievements, aiming for consistent success rather than occasional spectacular results.


In terms of breeding, Dirk maintains a meticulous stock of 10 breeding pairs. Pigeons with red or vale coloration trace their lineage to a red hen from Jos Cools of Grobbendonk. Additionally, he incorporates pigeons from Leo Heremans, his nephew Marc van den Bulck, Louis Keirsmakers, and Stefaan Lambrechts. Dirk’s commitment to quality breeding is evident in his pursuit of useful pigeons from the best breeding couples.


The racing team consists of 16 widower cocks geared for races in Quievrain and Noyon in the Tienverbond. These seasoned pigeons, chosen based on past successes, undergo classic widowhood racing. Dirk adopts a practical approach, relying on the inherent qualities of his pigeons rather than extensive training. His focus is on maintaining their health and well-being, adhering to a simple diet and supplementing with products like ‘sedochol’ and ‘Gervit-W.’


As Dirk navigates the challenges of each racing season, he remains grounded, adhering to his belief that success in pigeon racing boils down to having exceptional pigeons. With a blend of natural health, class, and disciplined training, Dirk continues to defy the odds and maintain his status as a prominent figure in the pigeon racing community.




– Breeder of ‘Kittel’ dynasty
– Father ‘Greipel’, ‘New Kittel’
Most successful speed pigeons in the world
– Breeder of ‘Vale As’ dynasty
16x 1. prize breeders avg. 1,500 b.
– Breeder of ‘Sagan’ dynasty
15x 1. prize breeders avg. 1,500 b.

Original Dirk Van Den Bulck.


1. Olympiad acebird Nitra 2012
1. Nat. acebird Superduif speed
1. prov. acebird KBDB 2012 speed
2. Nat. acebird MSN allound
4. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2012
1. Noyon 1,763 b.
1. Noyon 1,248 b.
1. Noyon 555 b.

Original Dirk Van Den Bulck.


1. Nat. acebird KBDB speed 2013
Lowest coeff. (0.95%) ever in Belgium history
speed ace pigeon history
Fastest Quievrain +25,000 b.
Fastest Quievrain +17,000 b.
also 2.-3.-4.-9. avg. +2,000 b.
20x 1.prize breeder

Original Dirk Van Den Bulck.

MARBLE daugter base couple, an herself mother to 1 Nat ace. allround 2021 RODE KITTEL