The Ugly One Org. Mark Skovbo

Marble direct daughter base couple

Story of the Ugly One x Marble.

This is a weird one, and we have go back to the year they bouth where born, 2018.

The Ugly One is an inbreed, to super racer and breeder Diablo from Will & Falco Ebben.
An incredible pigeon.

Diablo’ was a very good racer. He won among others:

1st NPO Morlincourt 16,971 p.

3rd St. Job in ‘t Goor 6,324 p.

2nd Moeskroen 1,767 p.

19th Epehy 5,501 p.

16th Châteaudun 3,789 p.

17th Arras 1,784 p.

He became a great breeder. He is (gr) father to among others:

1st National Chateaudun 12,511 p. (2018)

1st NPO Chateaudun 4,058 p. (2020)

1st Prov. Melun 7,291 p. (2021)

1st Péronne 10,372 p.

1st Epernay 4,695 p.

1st Soissons 1,658 p.

1st Bierges 1,522 p.

1st St. Quentin 1,053 p.

1st Châteaudun 807 p.

1st Argenton 724 p.

1st Niernies 425 p.

1st Duffel 386 p.

1st Niergnies 348 p.

1st Nanteuil 289 p.

1st Asse Zellik 285 p.

1st Meer 245 p.

1st Feluy 202 p.

1st Châteauroux 125 p.

1st Sezanne 131 p.

2nd Deurne 21,072 p.

2nd Hemau 12,039 p.

2nd Sittart 10,885 p.

2nd Wolvertem 1,173 p.

4th NPO Péronne 10,280 p.

6th National Melun Sector III 10,654 p.


‘Diablo’ is a son of super couple NL07-1513778 ‘Cyrus’ x NL02-1282791 ‘Cynthia’. So he is a grandson to the famous NL03-2083516 ‘Roosje’ and full brother to NL10-1404018 ‘Fargo’ and NL09-5910006 ‘Evolution’.

And if you have read the story about the base couple you already know a lot about Marble.

But in 2018, they where bred, The Ugly One the most ugly yb that year, and Marble the most pretty one, Marks old mentor Arne F. Pedersen, saw The Ugly One, and said, kill it, not good enough, but Mark decided to keep him, because he was an inbred, and let him get older and see what the outcome wourld be as he matured, In the spring 2019, Mark decided to couple the two, and amazing well build birds came out of the couple.

Rest is almost history, in 2019 Rode Kittel was bred, who in 2021 became 1 nat ace allround.
Several children and g-children have now been good racers, one of them became in 2023 3x ace bird for Stabel & Son in the Nederlands.

In the authum 2023 Mark decided to sell the couple, he owned this couple himself, and the money could pay a new breeding loft for him, as the old one had seen better days, so he decided to sell them online at mc auctions, they went into a high price as expected, but to Marks and Folmers surprice , Michael Th. Larsen 1/3 of the LSM- Breeding loft, had decided to buy the couple, without the knowing of Mark & Folmer, and the words was, Mark you don’t sell a couple like that, so let them stay in there box, I will take the first four yb’s in 2024, and then the couple is full part of the LSM Breeding loft, and then we don’t talk more about that.

So this has happened, the top couple stayed in there single box at Mark, and we all hope they will breed top birds for years to come.

Diablo Photo. Falco Ebben